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PLBus/RS485 Hub LHB980C-GW390-RS485-001

LHB980C-GW390-RS485-001 is a high performance PLBus/RS485 hub to perform data communication with RS485 data devices. The hub's uplink is PLBus to communicate with concentrator (the master node) through power line, all PLBus protocol stack is built-in.


Features and Major Specifications

  • PLBus center carrier frequency: 390kHz (can be customized to operate at any
    frequency within 30 – 500 kHz, thus flexibly support CENELEC, FCC and China PLC band)
  • Bandwidth: 48kHz
  • Modulation technology: Narrow-band OFDM with zero-crossing transmission (Z-OFDM)
  • MAC address: 48 bits
  • Data interface : RS485, DL/T645 (can be customized to other interface protocol)
  • Powerline interface: 220VAC±30%,50Hz (can be customized to other AC voltage and
    frequency, e.g., 110V, 60Hz)
  • Electrical performance: compliant with State Grid specifications
  • Operating environment: -40ºC - +85 ºC
  • Dimension : compliant with State Grid specifications


Typical Applications

  • Smart-grid Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Data collection
  • Data commnucateion through power line
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