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PLBus CCTR Module LMJZ980C-GW390-001

LMJZ980C-GW390-001 is a high performance three-phase PLBus module for concentrator. The module sets up a gPLC network and operates as the master node. It manages sub-node registration, routine establishment and communicates with all sub-nodes. The module interfaces with host CPU of the concentrator through UART port.


Features and Major Specifications

  • PLBus center carrier frequency: 390kHz (can be customized to operate at any
    frequency within 30 – 500 kHz, thus flexibly support CENELEC, FCC and China
    PLC band)
  • Bandwidth: 48kHz
  • Modulation technology: Narrow-band OFDM with zero-crossing
    transmission (Z-OFDM)
  • MAC address: 48 bits
  • Data interface : UART, defaul baud rate 9600bps
  • Powerline interface: 220VAC±30%,50Hz , three phases (can be customized to other AC voltage and
    frequency, e.g., 110V, 60Hz)
  • Network capacity: max. 2048 sub-nodes
  • Operating environment: -40ºC - +85 ºC
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